We are glad to see any Pull Requests (PR) that you may submit, especially if they solve issues labeled good first issue or help wanted. Also, we will accept PRs which fix typos, mistakes, broken links, etc. Regardless of the nature of your PR, we will ask you to digitally sign the Expload CLA. Please, send us an email with the GPG signed text of CLA to

If you want to submit a PR, make sure that the following requirements are met:

  • You have already sent a GPG-signed Mytime CLA to
  • The commits are signed with the same GPG-key as CLA
  • Your PR content complies with the Code Of Conduct
  • Any PR should resolve an issue
  • Your PR name corresponds to "Close/Fix #issue: Summary"
  • Your PR doesn't contain any merge commits
  • The commit message matches "verb in present simple subject (#issue)"