Is it the connection between Pravda and Ethereum?

There is no connection. Pravda is independent project with its own virtual machine and consensus.

How can I mine your coins?

You can't for now. Currently Pravda is blockchain with explicit authority. In future we are planning to move to truly decentralized way of consensus. It will happen after feature list stabilization.

I've played enough with Expload Playground. How can I deploy my Pravda program to the mainnet?

If you used PravdaProgramTemplate how it was explained in Getting started, then you just need to change the PravdaAPI endpoint in your .csproj file. New endpoint should be a public node of the mainnet, for instance, it can be https://publicnode.expload.com/api/public

Also, you need to have a wallet, that has enough XPlatinum in the mainnet for deploying your program.

What makes Expload unique over other blockchain platforms?

We do not use blockchain for the sake of speculation on cryptocurrency. Our goal is creation and long-term expansion of an ecosystem for developing open economies in games. We believe this to be the next step in the evolution of monetization after the free2play system. All our currencies have a fixed rate and a legal framework. This enables us to work with a huge audience of regular gamers, and not just a few crypto enthusiasts.

At what point in game development should I connect to Expload?

The earlier the better. At the stage of drawing up project documentation would be the best. Monetization opportunities should be embedded at the outset of the project, rather then added to a completed game. If the game economy does not provide for the sale of items and services between players from the start, a large amount of work would have to be redone later.

What are other opportunities offered by Expload, aside from trading items on the marketplace?

Trade in items, or rather ownership of items, is the most common example of using blockchain technologies, but smart contracts allow you to create more complex financial relations between users. Perhaps some examples from the ‘Expload from A to Z’ will give you new ideas.

How to test the monetization of your game?

Use Playground, where you can freely accrue to yourself any amount of currency for conducting test operations.

What should I do if I still have questions?

Send us an email or ask a question in our telegram chat.