For your pleasure and convenience, we have developed a special sandbox environment for the Expload Platform that is called "Playground".

You can use the Playground for:

  • familiarizing yourself with the Expload Platform
  • developing Pravda programs and immediately deploying them on the blockchain node
  • integrating your own game with the Expload Platform to give your users the unique experience of "open economy"
  • implementing your wonderful and exciting ideas

The Playground contains the following main components:

  • Expload Desktop app (macOs/Windows versions)
  • Pravda blockchain node
  • Faucet service

Expload Desktop

You can download Expload Desktop for your operating system at these links:

Pravda Blockchain Node

The blockchain node API is available here: https://node.playground.expload.com/api/public. You should use this address in your scripts and when using Pravda CLI.

You can find comprehensive documentation on the Pravda blockchain here.

Faucet Service

The Faucet service allows you to:

  • credit XPlatinum/XGold to any address, for instance, your personal wallet or address of the Pravda program
  • add the address to the whitelist of the XGold program

The faucet service is available at this link: https://faucet.playground.expload.com/ui