Pravda broadcast call

pravda broadcast call --dry-run --wallet <file> --program-wallet <file> --watt-payer-wallet <file> --limit <long> --price <long> --endpoint <string> --meta-to-ipfs --ipfs-node <string> --address <string> --method <string> --args <sequence>


Call the method of the program with arguments


Option Description
--dry-run Broadcast an action without applying effects.
-w, --wallet A file with a user wallet. You can obtain it using the 'pravda gen address' command. The format is as follows: {"address": , "privateKey": }
-p, --program-wallet A wallet of the program account
--watt-payer-wallet A file with a watt payer wallet. The format is the same as for the wallet.
-l, --limit The watt limit (300 by default).
-P, --price The watt price (1 by default).
-e, --endpoint The node endpoint (http://localhost:8080/api/public by default).
--meta-to-ipfs Save all metadata to IPFS. To configure the IPFS node address use "--ipfs-node" parameter.
--ipfs-node The ipfs node (/ip4/ by default).
--address Address of the program that will be called. For example, "xdc5056337b83726b881f241bf534ca04f7694452e0e879018872679cf8815af4"
--method Method's name. For example, "Spend"
--args Method's arguments (comma separated). For example, "xdc5056337b83726b881f241bf534ca04f7694452e0e879018872679cf8815af4,20"