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new generation games

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Head to the ruins of the once prospering Denbora world to recapture the coins stolen by Oras

Play games, compete in tournaments, trade items and earn income on our platform. Everything you earn in games can be sold for cryptocurrency

Game Store
Game Store

A wide choice of classic & crypto games. Pick yours! We boast the best publishers and indie developers


Now all of your in-game items are stored on the blockchain. We guarantee security and safety


A market for in-game items with its own cryptocurrency. You can sell redundant loot or buy any stuff, including rare items

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Smashing Opportunities for Gamers

Our platform propels your trust in games to a new level. Underpinned by blockchain, it exposes game logic to users leaving no room for any scammy game developers

Earnings in Crypto

Trophies earned in games can be sold for cryptocurrency

Truly Your Own Inventory

Your stuff survives in your inventory, never mind crashed game servers

Honest Competition

Competitor selection (matchmaking) is based on a set of transparent rules

Fairest Random

You are guaranteed fair loot box content and fair loot drops

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Platform SDK

Multifunctional Expload SDK — a new tool for development of blockchain based games

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Together with MRGV we held our first hackathon-conference dedicated to development of blockchain games

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