A Platform for the Development and Distribution of Open-Economy Games

Your trusted tool for the development of open-economy games, player payouts, a ready-made legal solution for digital assets and a new game distribution channel

SDK Components

A toolkit for the fast and effective implementation of game logic on the blockchain, featuring a standard template library

View Expload SDK documentation and open code.

Expload’s Economic Model

*Services related to games, such as tournaments, etc.


XGold is a cross-game currency used on the Expload platform. XGold earned in one game (by selling items obtained during a game in the marketplace, etc.) can be used in another game or exchanged in the marketplace for the purchase of items.


XTrophy is awarded to players by games and game services as incentive points or loyalty points. XTrophy can be exchanged for XGold or withdrawn to players’ bank cards or phone accounts.

Open Economy

A new monetization model to replace free2play

Underpinned by open economy, Expload allows players to easily build financial relations with each other, from within the platform itself. This will enable the developers to gain from the sales of in-game content that, until recently, used to reside in the shadow economy, while players are guaranteed the transparency of transactions.

  1. Gaining income from direct sales to players and from player-to-player transaction fees

  2. Using in-game earning potential to attract and retain players

  3. Readily available monetization tools such as the marketplace, etc.

  4. Eliminating negative attitude towards game developers as the prices are set by players themselves

Payouts Solution

Why pay for third-party marketing services, when you can pay your players? This is not a generally accepted practice among developers as payments to individuals from different countries entail costs and lack transparency. Expload offers an automated payout service bolstered by legal expertise

Payouts embraced by the service:

  1. Tournament and contest prizes

  2. Referral bonuses

  3. A percentage bonus from sales of user-generated content

How Payouts Work. Learn more

Benefits with Expload

Create open-economy games with our ready-made solution for blockchain developments. Using Expload will save you time and allow you to optimise your efforts to your projects

View Expload SDK documentation and open code.

Expload Goes Beyond the Development of Open-Economy Games

In addition to the tools designed for developing games with open economies, we have created an application specifically for gamers and a GameNode portal, where you can obtain practical and hands-on information from industry leaders related to game development.