Privacy policy

Last updated: 16 of September 2019

This Privacy Policy (this Policy) describes how LEDORIUS LTD (Expload, we) processes your (User, you) personal data and sets out your rights in relation to our processing of your personal data.

  1. Where this Policy applies
    1. This Policy applies to the collection and processing of personal data in connection with the performance by Expload of its obligations under the End User License Agreement (EULA), namely:
      • • to provide you with access to the entire functionality of the platform for development and digital distribution of open-economy games, including all the functions of the desktop application for downloading games and maintaining Expload’s cross-game economy (the Platform). The server side of the Platform is deployed on the website together with its subdomains, including that is used by users to transact.
      • • to provide you with access to the websites and (the Websites).
      • • to respond to your requests submitted to our support function, other services and online chats (Requests).
      • • to execute the respective legal obligations by Expload.
      • • to process your personal data subject to your prior consent.
    2. By granting you access to our software, Expload, acting reasonably and in good faith, assumes that (a) you hold all necessary rights to use the Platform and the Websites, (b) you have provided valid information about yourself, © you are aware that by publishing your personal data to a domain where it is accessible to other users of the Platform and the Websites, you have explicitly made this data publicly available and you are aware that it may become available to third parties and be copied and/or distributed by such third parties, (d) you have read and accepted the terms of this Policy.
    3. If you do not agree with the terms of this Policy, please do not use the Platform or the Websites.
    4. This Policy shall not apply to software, mobile applications or services of third-party developers, providers, advertisers or sponsors and social networks, services that might be available through or integrated with the Platform or the Websites, including links thereto (Third-Party Services). For example, when effecting a payment, you may be redirected to the payment system’s website and in such cases, the processing of data is beyond the control of Expload. Such Third-Party Services act as independent data controllers guided by their own policies.
    5. This Policy shall be read in conjunction with EULA. Furthermore, certain terms undefined in this Policy shall have the meaning as defined in EULA and you shall therefore read carefully and accept this document. In the event of any discrepancy between this Policy and EULA, this Policy shall prevail.
    6. This Policy complies with the EC Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the 27th April of 2016 (the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR). It further complies with all other applicable laws and aims to ensure due protection and care relating to the processing of your personal data pursuant to GDPR.
  2. Information collected and processed by Expload
    1. Expload may collect and process any personal data that helps to identify you, as well as any other information (including anonymized) that is not directly related to personal data such as device specifications, connection details, error reports and interface interaction methods (Other Data).
    2. How Expload obtains information about you:
      1. Personal data is provided by User. Such data is provided, inter alia, when using the Platform’s functionality, when signing up and creating an Account with the Platform, with the ability to deposit funds and view the balance, when accessing the Games Store and the Marketplace, downloading Games, subscribing to newsletters or promotional emails, as well as when submitting Requests. This data is necessary for Expload to perform its contractual obligations and provide the full functionality of the Platform, fulfill tax obligations and protect against claims and lawsuits. These include your email and nickname that you use to sign up and create an Account. Depending on the nature of obligations the supply of further personal data may be required. For example, we collect and process personal data that you explicitly provide to us (when participating in a contest or an event, including conferences, meetups, and hackathons). When creating an Account you may, at your sole discretion, specify your date of birth for us to verify that you have reached the age permitting us to process your personal data. Expload does not process your credit card data and the confidential nature of credit card data may be processed and accessed solely by payment systems. However, in order to support users, Expload shall have access to User’s transaction history, currency and name entered while registering the payment method.
      2. Other Data processed when you use the Platform and the Websites:
        1. Usage information.

          Expload collects data on how you use the Platform and the Websites, to ensure that you enjoy the best experience with us. Such data can include, inter alia, the type of your device, operating system version, error reports, and quantitative usage data. The scope of data depends on the type of mobile or desktop device that you use when interacting with the Platform and the Websites.

        2. Data provided to Expload by third parties.

          In most cases you are freely entitled to decide whether to permit, prohibit or restrict data disclosure by third parties. For example, you can link your Expload Account with a third-party software account. In doing so, you allow at your sole discretion a third-party software to bestow Expload with access to publicly available data about yourself or data you have made publicly available (such as your nickname, avatar, email) and to data that you have allowed Expload to access. By linking your accounts, you allow Expload to receive and process data about yourself that has been made accessible to Expload in a manner described above. Expload cannot obtain any data on its own, unless you have provided your consent to linking your accounts. Expload recommends that you read the Privacy Policy and the respective terms and conditions of a third-party software that you would like to link your Expload Account to.

        3. Cookies.

          A Cookie is a small dynamic text file that holds a unique identifier and is placed on your device with internet access, by our server whenever you visit the Platform or the Websites. Cookies are widely used to ensure the effective operation of the Websites and to collect information about User’s browsing preferences. Information stored in a cookie file never contains any personal data that could enable us to identify you.

          1. We use cookies and similar technologies on the Websites to personalize and improve your page viewing and browsing experience, notably:
            • • to obtain information about the time you spend on our Websites
            • • to obtain information about the services that you use
            • • to personalize your content
            • • to link your accounts
            • • to protect against spam and malware
            • • to analyze trends, traffic and User behavior
            • • to administer the Websites
            • • to track web analytics and ads on the Websites and their subdomains
            • • to analyze your preferences and the information that you have explicitly provided (such as the Request history, etc.)
            • • to obtain your geographic location data
            • • to obtain information that can help us to improve the Websites and their parts.
          2. We may use all of, or several types of the below cookies on our Websites:
            • Necessary cookies. These are cookies that are required for certain parts of our Websites to function properly. They allow you to navigate through our Websites, help us to recognize you on our Websites and thereby enable the requested service to be provided, such as sending promotional emails, etc.
            • Functional cookies. These help us to customize the content of our Websites to your preferences. They remember your preferences, language and country from which you visited our Websites. The information collected by these cookies can be anonymous and they cannot track your activity on other websites. Such cookies help Expload to provide you with information regarding whether you have given your express consent to the use of cookies pursuant to GDPR.
            • Performance cookies. These files collect information on how you use our Websites, thus helping us to improve such functions as navigation and help you in resolving technical issues or errors. For example, we use performance cookies to understand how you access our Websites, whether you surf and use our Websites, and identify areas that would benefit from improvement.
            • Targeting cookies. These files collect information about your browsing habits and enable us to show you more relevant content. They are also used to limit certain content, as well as to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Such cookies are usually deployed by Third-Party Services.
          3. In order to improve your experience, Expload employs technologies provided by Third-Party Services, including Yandex. Metrica (Yandex® analytics, Privacy Policy: and Google Analytics (Google® analytics, Privacy Policy: This enables the Websites and software to track how many users visit the Website and which pages they visit, analyze user behavior on the Websites and provide access to respective functions of the Websites and software. All Third-Party Services receive data in an encrypted format. Data available to Third-Party Services does not allow identifying you.
          4. Opting out of cookies.
            1. You can manage your cookies using browser settings. You can set up your browser to prevent cookies from being stored or to send a notification every time it is attempted to set up cookies. You may disable cookies altogether by ticking the respective boxes in the browser. You should however be aware that if you clear the cookies, all of your preference settings will be lost (such as your browser settings for interacting with the Websites), including your cookie opt-out preference. Blocking cookies may also affect your interactions with the interface and the User Profile, and you may lose the ability to access certain parts of the Website or the Platform.
            2. The links below provide information on how to manage and block cookies in your browser:
            3. You may opt out of third-party tracking programs by using the following tools:
            4. You can find more information on how to refuse cookies using this link If you want to learn more about cookies files or how to manage, disable or delete cookies, please refer to the detailed guidelines at https://www. aboutcookies. org. Furthermore, certain third-party advertisement networks, including Google, enable users to opt out of cookies or manage cookies settings. To learn more about this option with Google, visit
          5. We would recommend that you consider the possibility of having cookies placed on your device, as once you disable cookies from our Websites, you will not be able to use certain features of the Websites, in particular those needed to personalize your experience.
        4. Web beacons.

          We use web beacons (invisible images, often referred to as pixel tags or transparent GIFs) to recognize users, analyze traffic patterns, identify content preferences and evaluate engagement. We also include web beacons in our emails and, inter alia, newsletters, to measure email open rates.

        5. Log data.

          Our servers automatically record technical data on how it is accessed, whenever you open the Websites or use the Platform. Log data may contain IP address, browser characteristics, information regarding the date, time, duration and sequence of actions, information about your device, including the operating system it uses, specifications, unique identifiers and malfunctions, as well as information about the games running, and purchases made on the Marketplace.

        6. By using the Websites you provide Expload with your consent to uploading cookies onto your device (generating cookies using the Websites) as described above. Also, by using the Websites you consent to your user information being handled in accordance with this Policy. If you are located in the EU, you will also be requested to provide your express and explicit consent to the collection, processing and transmission of your personal data using cookies and similar technologies.
      3. Expload does not process special categories of data: biometric data, information about political or religious beliefs, convictions, state of health and/or similar data.
      4. Expload may, subject to your separate consent or where expressly permitted by applicable laws regulating electronic newsletters, send you promotional emails about products and services offered by Expload. In this event we may also use the information collected from you to customize our promotional emails, as well as to track whether you open the emails we send you and which links you are clicking on.

        You may at any time cancel or withdraw your consent to receiving promotional emails by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link that is included in each promotional email.

      5. Expload strongly recommends that you do not enter your personal data on the publicly accessible sections of the Websites, as well as in the blockchain system given that it is open and immutable, wherefrom no data can be deleted. Expload does not moderate on a mandatory basis any data entered and shall bear no liability for its public disclosure.
      6. In the event that you refuse to provide certain personal data to Expload, you can nonetheless access the Websites, however, you will not be able to create an Account with the Platform, transact, link accounts, participate in promotional campaigns and our events, subscribe to relevant newsletters, contact Expload in any way or receive certain information about Expload’s products.
      7. When providing us with third-party personal data, you shall warrant that you have obtained the respective party’s consent to providing their personal data to Expload (for example, by joining our referral program).
  3. How Expload uses your personal data
    1. Expload uses personal data in strict compliance with the applicable law and for the purposes for which it is collected.
    2. When processing personal data, Expload relies on the following principles:
      • • Personal data shall be processed lawfully and fairly.
      • • Personal data shall be processed to the extent needed for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes, while the content and scope of processed data shall not be excessive. It is prohibited to process personal data for purposes other than for which it is collected.
      • • It is not allowed to combine databases containing personal data that is processed for incompatible purposes.
      • • Only personal data that meet the purpose for which it was collected, may be processed.
      • • When processing personal data, we shall ensure its accuracy, completeness and relevance in relation to the purpose for which it will be processed, and where necessary measures shall be taken to delete or update incomplete or inaccurate data.
      • • Personal data shall be retained for no longer than the time required for processing purposes.
      • • Personal data shall be kept in a safe environment and shall be protected against unauthorized or unlawful processing, as well as against accidental loss, damage or destruction.
    3. Personal data may be used by Expload for the following purposes:
      • • to discharge the mutual obligations between Expload and yourself (User) under EULA to ensure you gain full access to the entire functionality of the Platform for development and digital distribution of open-economy games, including to all the features of the desktop application for downloading games and maintaining a cross-game economy at Expload.
      • • to comply with all relevant law such as tax law, etc.
      • • to protect the legitimate interests of Expload and/or third parties, with the exception of where these interests are overridden by your prevailing legitimate interests and rights (when investigating copyright infringement, fraud or other bad faith conduct).
      • • to discharge our obligations based on your separate consent.
    4. When processing personal data for the purposes specified in clause 3.3. of this Policy, Expload relies on there being a reasonable, legitimate interest. These purposes, deemed legitimate for the collecting and processing of personal data determine and limit the types of personal data we collect and methods of its usage (see section 2 above), storage timescales (see section 3 below), parties entitled to access this data (see sections 5 and 12 below), as well as the rights and other controls available to you as User (see section 6 below).
  4. Data storage period
    1. We will only store your data for as long as is necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected and processed or (provided that the applicable law stipulates a longer storage period) — during the period as required by law. Upon expiry of this period your personal data shall be deleted, blocked or anonymized, as specified by the applicable law.

      Including without limitation:

      • • If you close your Account all of your personal data will be marked for deletion, unless a longer retention period is necessary due to legal or other prevailing lawful requirements.
      • • In certain cases, where it is necessary to ensure the consistency of information related to the transfer of ownership of items circulating on the Marketplace, personal data cannot be deleted in its entirety. Thus, data related to purchase and sale of such items will not be deleted, insofar as this information is stored using the open blockchain technology and affects other users’ data as pertains to item ownership, time and circumstances of the ownership transfer. However, your participation in purchase and sale transactions will be pseudonymized on a permanent basis.
      • • Please note that Expload is obliged to retain certain transaction data for up to ten (10) years as set out in the applicable commercial and tax regulations.
      • • In the event that you withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data or that of your child, we shall delete your or your child’s personal data respectively without undue delay to the extent that the collection and processing of personal data are based on the consent withdrawn.
      • • In the event that you exercise your right to object to the processing of your personal data, we shall consider your objection and without undue delay delete your personal data processed for the purpose objected to, unless there are other legal grounds for processing and retaining of this data in which case this data shall be retained under the applicable law.
    2. Regardless of User’s Request to delete their data, Expload may retain the data provided that it is deemed necessary for legitimate business interests, discharging obligations and resolving issues.
    3. Once the purposes of processing are achieved or in the event there is no longer a necessity for achieving these purposes, the data shall be destructed or anonymized.
  5. Disclosure
    1. Expload shall keep confidential and not disclose any user information to third parties without your consent, except for the cases stipulated in this Policy or by the applicable law and to the extent necessary for disclosure.
    2. Personal data may be disclosed in the circumstances described below:
      • • When we are instructed to do so by User. In particular, User’s instruction shall mean, without limitation, when you express a wish to link your Account with a third-party software account. In the event that the linking of accounts requires your personal data to be transferred from Expload to a third party, you shall be given prior notice and an opportunity to provide your consent for the linking of your accounts and transferring your personal data. The use of your personal data by a third party shall be governed by the privacy policy of this respective third party, which you are recommended to read carefully before linking the accounts. Furthermore, personal data may be disclosed when you (User) post your personal data at your own risk and peril on publicly accessible pages of the Platform and the Websites, such as comments, Marketplace, etc. If you find out that your personal data is displayed on publicly available sections and you would like to have it removed, please notify Expload of your wish using one of the methods set out in the ‘Contact Information’ section. Besides, we use third-party providers for credit card processing, emailing and hosting on the Websites. In the event that you decide to use this service, we shall provide the third party with your personal data to the extent necessary to render you this service. Such third parties shall not use your personal data for any other purposes. As concerns the processing of credit cards, we do not collect, store or process any information related to credit cards. If you are not willing to have your personal data disclosed to any third party, you may refuse from consenting to disclosing your personal data by way of not using this particular service.
      • • To other users and partners of Expload. When you start interacting with other Platform users on the Marketplace, they will be able to see your nickname. In addition to your nickname, Expload partners (game developers and publishers) will have access to your public key (identifier/nickname on the blockchain). Such data is necessary to identify User and items purchased by same on the Marketplace. Where requested by the Game, User shall put their electronic digital signature on the respective in-game transaction.
      • • To providers of additional services. For example, services that provide support to users, monitor their activity, as well as network services providers who deliver digital content requested by you and game servers in connection with the Platform. Such providers shall use personal data in strict compliance with and for the purposes specified in this Policy.
      • • To comply with the applicable law. For example, data may be disclosed upon the request of a supervisory authority.
      • • To affiliated parties of Expload, in order to meet the obligations to User and to the extent required for this purpose.
      • • To prevent illegal activities, protect the rights and to ensure the security of Expload and other parties and to defend against claims and lawsuits.
      • • When data is transferred as a part of Expload’s reorganization, as well as when entering into agreements for the transferring of rights within contracts. In this case Expload may disclose data to a party acquiring the rights under such contracts, as well as to a party formed as a result of the reorganization.
      • • Generalized, aggregated and non-personalized data. Expload may disclose non-personalized statistical data, such as the most frequently used features of the Platform.
      • • In other cases subject to User’s consent.
    3. Data that we collect will be stored in the Russian Federation, however, may be transferred to and stored at a destination in the European Economic Area (the EEA). The data of Russian nationals shall be processed and stored in a database located in the Russian Federation. Transaction and ownership data shall be stored in the open blockchain system. Besides, data may be transferred for storage at any destination outside of the EEA. Data can be processed by our staff or employees of Expload partners (game developers and publishers) who work outside of the EEA. Such employees can be involved in performing your instructions, processing your payment details or delivering support services.
    4. Expload may transfer data without User’s instruction to partners (contractors, service providers, etc.) listed in this Policy, as well as to developers and publishers of Games represented in our Games Store. To this end, such partners shall ensure that the security level is no less adequate than as is set out in this Policy. All data is provided to partners in an encrypted format, the exception being when your nickname and email are required for your identification and the linking of your accounts, in which case you will be requested to provide your informed consent to such identification and account linking.
    5. Such partners may receive data strictly limited to that needed for performing their functions. Prior to engaging a partner, Expload shall take all possible measures to ensure the confidentiality of data transfer.
    6. Expload uses technologies of certain services to improve interaction with users, including the Mailchimp/Mandrill subscription and password recovery technologies (Privacy Policy: https://mailchimp. com/legal/).
  6. Your rights and available controls
    1. Data protection laws applied in the European Economic Area and other territories give their citizens certain extended rights in respect of their personal data, while other jurisdictions might grant fewer rights. Our tools, however, are designed to ensure the maximum rights for our users worldwide.
    2. Notably, User is entitled to:
      • • Right of access.

        You have a right to access your personal data stored with us, i. e. to make a free Request: 1) as to whether any of your personal data is stored with us, 2) to send a full list of your personal data stored with us to your email. You may exercise your right to access your personal data by sending a Request to Expload using one of the methods set out in the ‘Contact Information’ section. In the event that such a Request affects the rights and freedoms of other parties or appears to be manifestly unreasonable or excessive, we shall reserve the right to charge you a reasonable fee (on account of administrative expenses associated with the provision of such information, communications or requested actions) or refuse to act on the Request.

      • • Right to rectification.

        In processing your personal data, we shall take appropriate measures to maintain the accuracy and relevance of your personal data for the purposes for which it is collected. If your personal data is inaccurate or incomplete, you can either change it by yourself or by contacting Expload using one of the methods set out in the ‘Contact Information’ section.

      • • Right to erasure.

        You shall have the right to demand of us the erasure of your personal data provided that it is no longer required in relation to the purpose for which it was collected (see clause 3.3 above) or that there are legal grounds for erasure. Where a portion of personal data needs to be erased, you can do this by submitting a Request to Expload using one of the methods set out in the ‘Contact Information’ section. You may also request the deletion of your Account, in which case we shall delete your Account without undue delay.

        As a result of deleting your Account, you will lose access to the Platform, including your Account, Game Items and Games linked to your Account, as well as access to other services for which your Account has been used.

      • • Right to object.

        Where personal data is only processed based on legitimate interests pursuant to Article 6(1)(f) GDPR / paragraph 4, clause 3.3. of this Policy, you may use your right to object. In the event that you express your objection, we will not process your personal data, unless there are compelling and prevailing legal grounds therefore as described in Article 21 GDPR, in particular, when the data is needed for establishing, exercising or defending legal claims.

      • • Right to restriction of processing.

        You have the right to demand from us the restriction of processing provided that one of the conditions stipulated in Article 18 GDPR applies.

      • • Right to personal data portability.

        You shall have the right to receive personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transmit this data to third parties in the cases stipulated by Article 20 GDPR. In such event Expload will provide you with your personal data by email.

      • • Right to have personal data managed after death.

        In the case that you are subject to the French law on data privacy, you are entitled to set out the rules on preserving, erasing or transmitting personal data after your death as per Article 40-1 Act 78-17 as of the 6th of January 1978 ‘On Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties’.

      • • Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.
  7. Security
    1. You should be aware that absolute security of data transmission through the internet cannot be guaranteed. In order to safeguard your privacy, we use standard physical, electronic and organizational security measures to protect your personal data from loss or theft, as well as from unauthorized access or disclosure. We treat data as an asset that needs to be protected against loss and unauthorized access. We use a variety of security methods to protect such personal data from unauthorized access both internally and externally of Expload, namely:
      • • there is a person designated to organize the processing of personal data, whom you can contact using one of the methods set out in the ‘Contact Information’ section.
      • • there are approved local regulations on personal data processing. They establish procedures for the prevention and detection of violations, as well as for remediation of the consequences of such violations.
      • • legal, organizational and technical measures are in place to ensure the security of personal data processing, including, where possible, encryption.
      • • periodic checks are conducted to assess the conditions of personal data processing.
      • • Expload employees who are directly involved in the processing of personal data are familiarized with the provisions of the applicable law on personal data, including personal data protection requirements and in-house documents relating to personal data processing.
    2. Expload cannot guarantee that data is securely protected from intrusion whilst transmitted over the internet or when stored. To this end, Expload uses data pseudonymization and encryption, wherever practicable. If you are concerned that your privacy might have been compromised, please contact us using one of the methods set out in the ‘Contact Information’ section.
    3. Expload cannot guarantee the security of personal data where this is beyond the control of Expload. This includes, but is not limited to, your Account access data, while you shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this data. You shall not disclose this data to third parties, and Expload recommends that you take appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality of this data.
  8. Age restrictions
    1. Expload shall not process personal data of individuals under the age of 13 years. Users aged between 13 and 16 should discuss the possibility of using the Platform and the Websites with their parents or guardians and provide their personal data to us only subject to the consent of their legal representatives.
    2. If you believe that Expload might have received personal data from a person under the age eligible for providing their own consent to processing, or that this person needs the consent of their legal representatives to signing up and such consent has not been granted, you shall notify Expload of this using one of the methods set out in the ‘Contact Information’ section. If we become aware that we have collected any personal information from a child below the age of 13, or a child aged between 13 and 16, without the consent of their legal representative, we shall delete this data from our database and the respective account, if any.
  9. Updates to this Policy
    1. Expload may change this Policy at any time to incorporate changes in legislation and business processes. The revision date shall be indicated in the upper left-hand corner of this Policy. All updates and amendments shall take effect forthwith upon notice, which we may give you by any means, including but not limited to by posting a revised version of this Policy or another notice on the Websites.
    2. Expload recommends that you read this Policy as often as is practicable to be aware of changes that may affect you. In the case that you disagree with the changes made to this Policy, you shall delete your Account and stop using the Platform and the Websites. Your continued use of the Platform or the Websites after any change introduced to this Policy shall constitute your acceptance of such changes.
  10. Contact information
    1. You can contact our Data Protection Officer via email: or by post to: Georgiou Katsounotou, 6, Limassol, 3036, Cyprus, Cyprus. This will enable us to process your Request efficiently. Please refer to this Privacy Policy in the text of your Request. We will try to respond within thirty (30) days upon receipt of your Request.
    2. The Data Protection Officer shall review your Request, provide clarifications and take measures to protect the data. If you report a problem or an issue, Expload shall take all necessary measures to remove the alleged violations, identify the liable parties and resolve disputes extrajudicially.
    3. Any correspondence received from you (Requests in paper or electronic form) shall be classified as restricted access information and may not be disclosed without your written consent. Your personal data and other information may not be used without your consent for any purposes other than responding to your Request, except as expressly permitted by law.
    4. Expload shall be recognized as a controller of the data processed under this Policy. In cases where the Platform is used by third parties to obtain licenses for their software or to enter into sublicense agreements, Expload shall only qualify as a controller of the data collected by the Platform for copyright protection purposes.