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Pravda broadcast transfer

pravda broadcast transfer --dry-run --wallet <file> --program-wallet <file> --watt-payer-wallet <file> --limit <long> --price <long> --endpoint <string> --to <string> --amount <long>


Transfer native coins to a given wallet.


Option Description
--dry-run Broadcast action without applying effects.
-w, --wallet File with user wallet. You can obtain it using 'pravda gen address' command. Format: {"address": , "privateKey": }
-p, --program-wallet Wallet of program account
--watt-payer-wallet File with watt payer wallet. Format same as for wallet.
-l, --limit Watt limit (300 by default).
-P, --price Watt price (1 by default).
-e, --endpoint Node endpoint (http://localhost:8080/api/public by default).
-t, --to
-a, --amount